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About Soundhenge

Soundhenge provides Post Production sound services for all projects, including movies, television, mobile & interactive media, webisodes and radio. We are passionate filmmakers obsessed with using sound to service storytelling. We are professional, innovative, and versed in all aspects of a production, which means less headaches for you when it comes to workflows and transfers. Rock Solid Sound Design from Soundhenge means that we'll deliver you sound that will not only stand the test of time but make audiences lean forward in their seats as goosebumps run up their spines.
Sound is 50 percent

We have location and post production sound experience built up over the past 7 years, and many of the films we've worked on have gone on to win awards, including Academy Award and BAFTA Award winning shorts. Our work spans features, shorts, documentaries, fiction, webisodes, commercials, and interactive media. In 2010 we won a Golden Reel Award for Sound Editing from the Motion Picture Sound Editors society.


At Soundhenge we build the soundscape of your project's world from the bottom up using our own innovative sound design techniques in combination with the methods we learned studying the greatest films ever made. We received our foundation of training from award winning industry professionals while studying at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Whether the world of your movie, show, or video game is fantastic, epic, intimate, realistic, dramatic, funny, scary, or action packed, we have the tools and the inspiration to provide you with the sonic pulse your story needs.


Patrick Knipe

Patrick Knipe
Patrick was born and raised on the edges of the wilderness in the valley-nestled town of Vernon, NJ. Growing up surrounded by heavily forested rolling hills, Revolutionary War Era hamlets, and fog-haunted lakes inspired his imagination into the realms of storytelling and filmmaking at an early age.

Patrick has a degree in English from Boston College. He also studied English, American, and Irish Literature at St. Edmund Hall of Oxford University in the UK. Before heading West to film school, Patrick worked as a radiology network departmental coordinator, a medical credientialer, a dog kennel assistant, a landscaper, library assistant, food slop dining hall server, museum grunt, and baseball umpire and soccer referee.

Patrick holds an MFA in Film and TV Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He was a recipient of the Mary Pickford Foundation Scholarship and a finalist for the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award. In additional to sound designing and mixing award winning films and commercials, Patrick has lectured on film sound mixing in the USC Graduate Film Program. His recent film SCARECROW has played at 20 festivals and garnished 10 awards. He was a Recipient of the Verna Fields Award for Sound Editing at the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel Awards.

As a technically trained violinst who likes to Irish fiddle Patrick loves to combine the same sort of playfulness with his technical expertise in sound design. His mission is to entertain, delight, and help bring stories to the flickering screen that captivate and move the soul. CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESUME

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