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We are committed to providing your production with the best possible sound at all stages of production and post-production. Our complementary experience and skillset of working projects on both ends of location sound recording and sound editing is invaluable when it comes to maximizing the value and quality of your soundtrack. Please contact us with information about your project for a quick quote and with questions you might have from pre-production through post production.

Whether you're making a short film, feature film, webisode, commercial, radio program, video game, or interactive media project, we have the unique answer to your sound design needs. Our experience spans all genres, including documentary, historical drama, modern drama, slapstick, romantic comedy, action, war, horror, thriller, family, and fantasy.

Post Sound Pro Tools Soundhenge FX Mixing Dolby Digital
Soundhenge has the solution for all your post-production sound needs. Post Sound has the ability to greatly increase the production value of your film at relatively low costs. Whether you need cleaned up dialogue, creative ambiences, or sound fx from the most powerful explosions to the most subtle of door squeeks, Soundhenge Sound Design is the answer.
bulletSound Editing - Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects Editing, Foley Editing, ADR Editing, Music Editing, Sound Sweetening
bulletPost Recording - Sound Effects Field Recording
bulletMixing - Predubbing, Re-Recording Mixing, Mastering

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